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Q. Is your business licensed?

A. Yes. R. Hetzel Properties, LLC is a licensed business with the City of Cape Girardeau. We are also registered in accordance with the City of Cape Girardeau's Landlord Program.

Q.  Are your properties inspected?

A.  Yes.  R. Hetzel Properties inspects every property for safety, cleanliness, and minimum property maintenance codes.  Our inspections and all work are performed by licensed and insured contractors. Our heating/cooling systems are serviced and pest control services are performed two times each year for all properties.

Q.  How are your properties maintained?

A.   R. Hetzel Properties employs licensed and insured subcontractors who perform regular and required maintenance on all of our properties.

Q. Is there a fee for processing my rental application?

A.  No.

Q.  How long does it take to know if my application is approved?

A.  Normally, we process rental applications in one to two business days.

Q.  How much will the security deposit be for my property?  Can I use the security deposit as my last month’s rent?

A.  The security deposit for each property is the same amount as one month’s rent.  Under Missouri State law, a security deposit may not be used as your last month’s rent.  A security deposit is maintained separately and will be returned within thirty (30) day of your departure  with an itemized list of any damages and deductions.

Q.  What happens if I don’t understand my lease?

A.  We take time with every tenant to explain the provisions of each lease or rental agreement.  We recommend you read the entire lease contract and we provide you a copy of the signed lease.  You can review our lease contracts on our website.  Under Missouri law, a tenant is not excused from honoring a lease simply because he or she does not understand or did not read it.


Q.  Would I be permitted to sublease my apartment to another person?

A.  No.  Our leases prohibit subleasing without the written consent of R. Hetzel Properties.

Q.  If I lease from R. Hetzel Properties, who is responsible for making repairs?

A.  As a tenant, you will be responsible for keeping the leased property clean, sanitary, and in good condition.  If there is a need for repairs, you should contact R. Hetzel Properties to report the problem and arrange for necessary repairs by a qualified contractor.  Tenants are required to pay for repairs and/or damages resulting from their own use, negligence or the negligence of a guest. Landlords are responsible for repairs as a result of "normal wear and tear." Even if the damage is the responsibility of our tenants, R. Hetzel Properties will assist in getting the repairs completed.

Q.  What happens if I need to break my lease?

A.  Your lease agreement is a written contract and is binding for a specific period of time with certain conditions.  If you must break your lease agreement, it is important that you contact R. Hetzel Properties as soon as possible to discuss possible resolutions.  At a minimum, a written thirty day notice should be provided.  In most cases, you will also forfeit your security deposit.

Q.  I want to share a house or apartment with other persons.  How does the lease agreement work for us?

A.  Great question and a question we get often from college students.  The lease agreement used by R. Hetzel Properties, lists all individuals responsible for the lease agreement on one document.  We do not use separate lease contracts for each individual.  Our lease contracts specifically indicate that each tenant(s) is jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent and performance of all other terms of this agreement.

In the event a person has to be taken off the lease agreement, it is done only with the consent of the other tenants.  This policy keeps any individual(s) from simply walking away from their responsibilities and leaving the other tenants financially responsible for payment of the rent and utilities.

In the event a person is removed from the lease agreement, it is a simple process of preparing a one page amendment to the original lease with the necessary changes.  The amendment is then signed by all tenants on the original lease agreement.

Q.  Are utilities included in the monthly rent?

A.  Since most of our properties are houses, the tenants are normally responsible for all utilities, including cable, water/sewer/electric and gas.  Prior to signing the lease agreement, you will be informed about which utilities are your responsibilities.  We do have a NEW consolidated rent program for our properties rented by college students, which we are testing.  The consolidated rent program includes all utilities for one monthly rental amount.

Q.  What about yard maintenance?

A.  We do provide mowing and yard maintenance for many of our properties.  In the event yard maintenance is not provided, you will be notified prior to completing the lease contract.

Q. How do I cancel my lease contract?

A.  Under most circumstances, you must provide at least thirty (30) days written notice to R. Hetzel Properties, LLC. If you are canceling your lease agreement before it expires you may be responsible for additional rent and fees, including the loss of your security deposit.

Q.  Do you have a pet policy?

A.  Yes, unlike many companies, we do permit small, mature pets on a case by case basis.  We do not permit puppies or kittens because they are untrained and unfortunately do what puppies and kittens do.  We also do not allow certain, high prey drive or high energy breeds like Pit Bull Terriers, Dalmations, German Shepards, and similiar breeds. 

Before any pet is brought into our properties, the tenant must obtain our approval and a special provision is added to the lease to cover any damages caused directly or indirectly by the pet.  We also require tenants to obtain renter's insurance that covers pet damage. We do not charge an additional pet deposit.  Tenants who fail to obtain our approval for pets may be in default of their lease agreement and face possible eviction.   We also prohibit the unsupervised restraint of any pet on a chain or similar restraint outside the home.

Q.  Will your company work with college students who are on scholarship or waiting on student loan checks?

A.  Yes, we have a number of student tenants who are in this situation.  Our policy is we will not charge late fees if a student tenant is waiting on their scholarship or student loan check/disbursement.  When the funds are received, the student tenant is then expected to pay the rent for the entire semester, which is the intended purpose of the loans/disbursements.

Q.  Can we pay our rent by credit card or can we set up an automatic monthly payment?

A.  Yes.  We can process credit card payments, but we do have a 4% convenience fee per transaction.  We can also set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account (ACH) with no fees.  The ACH may be cancelled at any time. You may also pay your rent via Paypal on our website or request an online invoice for direct payment from your personal checking account.


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